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    Instititute For Social Transformation

    In the last 30 years, we have focused on providing transformnative education  that is  biased towaparing the students with the attitudes, mind-sets and skills to engage and transform the continent

  • Community Engagement: Service To God

    Service To Humanity is Service to God

    At the Institute of Social Transformation, our commitment to community engagement is deeply rooted in our mission to serve God through transformative action. We believe that true service to God involves actively addressing social challenges and promoting sustainable development within communities.

    Transformative Leadership

    Our mission and commitment is to transform Africa by providing tools and skills that make you active agents of social transformation at your workplace , the church, local communities, and at the national, regional and global level.

    Community Engagement

    We provide hands-on training that includes community engagement that allows you to develop a deeper understanding of social issues, enhance your research and problem-solving skills, foster meaningful connections with diverse groups, and apply your knowledge and talents to create positive change.


    Our programs are designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to investigate, analyze and address pressing social issues, fostering a culture of evidence-based problem solving through research. This cultivates innovative problem-solving skills and encourages critical thinking.


    Welcome to the Institute for Social Transformation

    The Institute for Social Transformation was founded in 1994 by Fransceso Pierli, a Comboni missionary, with the idea of training agents of change.

    "We are training a new generation of agents of social transformation for Africa."

    The vision of the Institute is to train people from the society, church circle to be able to engage and bring about transformation in the society.

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    Approach to Education

    Our goal is to be a hub of excellence and innovation, providing hands-on training that ensures you acquire the essential skills to embark on careers in Social Transformation as well as your personal growth and spiritual guidance.

    Service Learning

    This methodology sharpens the skills of the learners as they engage with their communities. It also helps to establish a rapport with communities to adequately run initiatives and community programs.

    Linking Faith to Social Responsibility

    Recognizing the significance of faith in many communities, we explore the intersection of faith and social responsibility. Our programs encourage a thoughtful exploration of how faith can be a catalyst for positive change.


    New ideas, new means and projects are needed in order to create social impact. At IST, we are dedicated to nurturing these innovative ideas through rigorous research, active involvement of our students, the community and strong partnerships that extend beyond the academic realm.


    Our Work

    Beyond offering our learners with the skillset to be social transformation agents, we engage the community to provide solutions through outreach programmes.

    Professional courses

    Professional courses

    Through our professional courses, we have recruited and trained qualified professionals in different fields to undertake different roles in the church and society.

    Connection with grassroot communities

    Connection with grassroot communities

    This ensures relevance to real-world issues and the needs of the communities as well as access to valuable insights and firsthand experiences that can inform research and educational programs. Partnerships with grassroots communities also lead to collaborative projects, enriching the institute's work and impact.

    Outreach Programmes

    Outreach Programmes

    In 2012, IST began Diploma courses in informal settlements to provide service learning for the residents in these communities. These programmes utilize available learning atmosphere, to encourage residents to improve their livelihoods.



    Leveraging on our convening power for different praxis we create platforms for dialogue with key stakeholders in the field.