BA in Sustainable Human Development

The BA in sustainable human development enables you as an individual become an agent of social transformation. An individual able to contribute to the growth and development of the economy in respect of the common good. An advocate of integrity, justice, transparency and equity! 

MBA in Global Business and Sustainability

Your business experience, your lesson! The MBA in global business and sustainability is designed to help you integrate your practical daily business activities into learning. Learning becomes a lifelong experience that continuously nurtures your business growth and enable you to become an impact entrepreneur. 

Institute for Social Transformation

Impactful. Innovative. Intuitive

Welcome to The Institute for Social Transformation

The Institute for Social Transformation was founded in 1994 by Fransceso Pierli, a Comboni missionary, with the idea of training agents of change.

The vision of the Institute is to train people from the society, church circle to be able to engage and bring about transformation in the society.  

We are training a new generation of social entrepreneurs for Africa

Approach to Education

Service Learning

This methodology sharpens the skills of the learners as they engage with their communities. This has been instrumental in the institute’s outreach programmes. This helps to establish a rapport with communities.

Blending theory and practice

The learning approach within Tangaza University College encourages lecturer-student engagements. The Institute has used an impactful model of sending students to the communities to apply what they have learnt. PAST plays a key role in research and projects, motivating students to deliver actionable projects.

Tapping on community knowledge

All research projects are called within communities playing a key role in the decision making processes. The communities serve as reference point for the IST programmes which is action oriented.

Our Work


IST has enabled the recruitment and training of qualified professionals to undertake training roles within the institute. It has instituted an encouraging atmosphere where learning is carried out and ensuring it accounts for the transferable skills to communities to upgrade preexisting conditions. IST has lived to the goal of preparing ethical servant leaders for the church and society in an environment of freedom and responsibility. 

Connection with grassroot activities

IST has developed relationships to provide opportunities to connect with the struggle for social justice, through the various community initiatives. The 7th Zinduka Festivals, 2019 was an important avenue for advocacy groups to learn and network. It assisted in bringing together members across East Africa to deliberate on the status of Civic space and seek a way forward for the communities. 

Outreach Programmes

In 2012, IST began Diploma courses in informal settlements to provide service learning for the residents. These programmes utilize available learning atmosphere, to encourage residents to improve their communities. 


The programme is training social entrepreneurs that are creating positive impact within their social enterprises. Conferences have been offering an exceptional opportunity for students to learn and network.