Laudato SI

Laudato SI

Laudato SI

Promoting Integral Ecology; Creating A World of 3 Zero

Laudato Si, a movement at Tangaza University College, was established in 2021 as a response to Pope Francis’ call to action in caring for our shared home, the Earth. It embraces the shared values of Pope Francis and Professor Muhamad Yunus. The movement’s objectives focus on three key aspects: caring for the Earth, caring for people, and ensuring a fair share for all. The ultimate aim is to promote and create a world that embodies the concept of “three zero,” encompassing zero harm to the environment, zero poverty, and zero inequality.

Our goals

Response to the cry of the earth

Response to the cry of the poor

Ecological economic

Sustainable lifestyles

Ecological education

Ecological spirituality

Community engagment and Participatory action

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