Empowering Support Staff for Enhanced Efficiency

Empowering Support Staff for Enhanced Efficiency

Capacity Building to Drive the “Waste-to-Worth Initiative”

Traditionally, training and capacity building have not been a primary focus for support staff, particularly those engaged in cleaning and gardening roles. However, within the sustainable management initiative of Laudato Si at Tangaza University, there is a distinct recognition that to effectively implement such projects, active engagement of those directly involved is crucial. The Laudato Si philosophy underscores the idea that environmental responsibility is a collective commitment, involving everyone.

In alignment with this ethos, Tangaza University has partnered with Mr. Green Africa, a recycling company, to champion a significant transformation. We believe that effective waste management requires involving and empowering all members of our community. Thus, our support staff, often at the forefront of waste management, are being equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for efficient waste segregation.

This strategic move acknowledges waste not as a burden, but as a valuable resource that, when managed appropriately through recycling and reuse, contributes positively to our environment. By engaging our support staff in this manner, we are fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and responsibility, ensuring sustainable practices for the benefit of all.

During our half-day training session with Mr. Green, the support staff gained valuable insights into waste identification and its potential for reuse. Jackson and Gichuru elaborated on Mr. Green’s practices and recycling methods. The informative session sparked numerous inquiries among the support staff, eager to become ambassadors of sustainable practices within their communities, exploring various waste management approaches.