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Social entrepreneurs to converge in Kenya for 6 AACOSE Conference

Social entrepreneurs from across Africa are meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, next week to network and find solutions to the challenges facing the continent. Co-convened by Tangaza University through the Institute for Social Transformation and Ashoka, the conference will bring together social entrepreneurs and policy makers across sectors.

Success stories

Kenyan organization offering employment opportunities to people living with disabilities

To Fredrick Ouko, experiencing rejection while looking for employment had become almost a regular occurrence. He remembers the numerous times that he lost potential job opportunities due to his status as a person living with disability.

Success stories

How Verona Sacco helped me scale up my business

Verona Huruma Sacco is one of the partners of the upcoming Annual Africa Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. We spoke to Martin Maitima, one of the members of the Sacco. He shares his story on how the Sacco has helped him scale up his business.

Success stories

Catholic priest transforming his rural community

When Fr Eliud Mwenda was sent to Mukothima Catholic Parish in Eastern Kenya, he hoped to serve as a clergyman, leading his congregation in matters faith. But a decade later, the Catholic priest has led numerous development projects in the area.

Mr. Kagwe talking about waste collection

Revitalizing Pedagogy

In today’s educational landscape, there’s a growing realization that traditional teaching methods may no longer suffice to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for the complex, interconnected world of the 21st century.

Call for Cohort 3 – Social Innovation Sandbox

The SIS is a three phase journey where you learn concepts and hear stories from practicing social entrepreneurs; implementing a group social impact project with your cohort members and finally come up with an individual idea of change making and receive support to develop, pilot and implement it.

Africa Academic Hub – Session 1

This was the first session that aimed to bridge the gap between academia and practice in social entrepreneurship.

Empowering Our Community

In an inspiring and informative afternoon session, Mr. James Kagwe, a renowned expert in permaculture and waste management, shared his wealth of knowledge with the Tangaza University College community.

Empowering Support Staff for Enhanced Efficiency

Traditionally, training and capacity building have not been a primary focus for support staff, particularly those engaged in cleaning and gardening roles. However, within the sustainable management initiative of Laudato Si at Tangaza University, there is a distinct recognition that to effectively implement such projects, active engagement of those directly involved is crucial.