Social Innovation Sandbox

Social Innovation Sandbox

Inspire, empower, multiply!

Social Innovation Sandbox

Every Thursday from 11:30 am-1 pm
Every Friday from 11:30 am – 1pm
Venue: MBA lab

“Do you know that innovation is one of the most sought after skill? That is why Tangaza is preparing students to be social innovators.”

About Tangaza University Social Innovation Sandbox

At SIS our dream is to have every student at Tangaza University College graduate with a social entrepreneurship initiative. Also to have students graduate with a mission not just a major. SIS is a platform that provides sensitization about and exposure to social entrepreneurship as an avenue for both social impact and self-employment.

How does social innovation sandbox work?

Through a three phase multiple experience learning.

Phase one (10 weeks)
  • Case study based
  • Engaging with experts and
  • Understanding concepts
    and conversations in
    social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable development
  • Soft-skills development
Phase two (10 weeks)
  • Experiential learning-
    connecting with industry practitioners
  • Group project- needs
    based problem solving
  • Engage a real-life problem
    Mentorship and coaching
    in social business
  • Achieving social impact
Phase three (10 weeks)
  • Social business innovation
  • Seed money to pilot
    business idea
  • Idea testing and validation
    Building business skills
  • Graduate idea to
    incubation hub/ start-up!

Why join the Social Innovation Sandbox?

A Social Innovation Sandbox accelerates the development of effective solutions for pressing social issues by providing a collaborative environment for experimentation and learning.

  • Learn to innovate while having fun!

  • To turn your passion into a social business!

  • Get practical skills to start your social business!

  • Build your soft skills – collaboration, problem-solving, negotiation

  • Build your soft skills- empathy, confidence, leadership

  • Become a social innovator!

Social Innovation Sandbox Events