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Agents of Social transformation

Br. Jonas Dzinekou
Director – Institute for Social Transformation

The Institute for Social Transformation (IST) was founded in 1994 by Fr. Francesco Pierli, a Comboni missionary. The institute is domiciled in Tangaza University College as one of the institutes that make up the college. 

The Comboni Missionaries was founded in 1867 by Daniel Comboni who strongly believed in the regeneration of Africa by Africans, and spent most of his life empowering communities around the continent. 

The institute is a continuation of this work and it does this through offering academic programmes and all other kinds of community engagement programmes such as University Mtaani, which is a university based in an informal settlement area and utilises a unique community-focused methodology.

IST offers diploma, graduate and postgraduate programmes that are all linked to social transformation.

IST can harness its huge potential for social transformation by promoting innovation, in three different ways.

In the first place, the integration of learning, research and community support by strengthening and further developing partnerships with public and non-governmental institutions for the enhancement of the common good, socio-economic and environmental justice, and peace building.

Secondly, in partnerships with social movements IST can promote the recognition and rigorous development of indigenous knowledge and social praxis, scientific research from the perspective and the interests of the people struggling for a humanizing change, and strengthen their regenerating action in fragile contexts that suffer from exploitation and exclusion.

Last but not least, IST can be ever more an agent of international cooperation, bringing to the fore the hour of Africa, with her unique contribution to transformation of the world thanks to her cultural perspective, sensitivity, ingenuity and the new opportunities that are emerging in the Continent.

Br. Alberto Parise
Former director – Institute for Social Transformation

Our Vision

The Institute is a centre of excellence and innovation for transformative ministerial learning and social transformation. ISMM educates and trains agents of social transformation to discover their personal and communitarian calling. They contribute with passion..

Our Mission

The mission of ISMM is to offer high standards of education that unlock the potential of every learner to become a life changing agent in the society. ISMM programmes offer learners opportunities for growth and spiritual guidance that contribute towards their welfare, acquiring knowledge…

Our Phillosophy

Inspired by the Christian faith, ISMM trusts in the potential of human beings to transform the world to achieve dignified conditions of life with respect of the common good through scientific competence, spirituality, ethics, environmental conservation, collaboration and networking.

Our History

The Institute for Social Ministry was founded in May 1994 by Fr. Francesco Pierli, a Comboni Missionary. The inspiration of the Institute was the need for transformation in Africa. The 1990s marked the slow process of democratization of many African nations.