Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Social Transformation

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PhD in Social Transformation

This is the first PhD in Social Transformation in East, Central and West Africa that offers skills for individuals to develop skills to influence change in the society. It brings together theory and action and turns them into a practice that transforms society. It focusses on social transformation of socio-economic, and political structures, people mindset, attitudes and values. For Africa to shape the future of its societies, it is crucial to train professional leaders in governance, economic planning, social policy, organizations, peacebuilding and sustainable development. The social transformation leaders acquire the knowledge, tools and competences to engage and transform the complex realities of the society. They create the space communities work to unfold their own transformative initiatives through collaboration.
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What I will learn?

  • Ability to carry out high quality research
  • Skills to design and implement social transformation initiatives
  • Capacity to develop policies for social transformation
  • Skills to facilitate and advocate for social transformation
  • Capacity to teach in institutions of higher learning


  • The academic qualification requirements for admission are a Master’s degree.

Duration: 3 Years

The Tangaza University College PHD in Social Transformation, is a course offered to help the learner to develop a strategic plan of action to transform society from ones own perspective or position.

Our programme will enable you not only to understand the world of today where changes are immense both worldwide and at a continental level but also to develop a methodology of intervention so that you can be able to influence changes to a vast majority.
Br. Jonas Dzinekou
Director, Institute for Social Transformation