Dr. Oscar Aghan, an MBA in social entrepreneurship graduate, is an internationally acclaimed serial entrepreneur and the founder of Continental Renewable Energy Company- COREC. COREC is one of the largest plastic recyclers in East and Central Africa. It is an organization that uses waste and recyclable product to manufacture affordable building materials.

In this regard, COREC is an organization that recycles and sells environmentally friendly building hardware to developers and people building residential houses. These include Resin roofing tiles, man-hole covers, plastic lumber planks and fencing posts. Local communities through community based organizations are contracted to collect and deposit the plastic in collection centers and are equipped with crushers to basically process and clean waste plastic before taking them to the factory. Many including women have received informal training on how to recycle waste.

The enterprise has also created employment for many particularly the youth who are majority of the organization’s labour force. COREC has indirectly improved the lives of many within the marginalized communities while its innovation helps mitigate climate change by saving acres of forest land.