Strauss Energy, is an award winning Kenyan firm that has received internationally acclaimed award by using innovative but pragmatic way to bridge the ailing energy gap and reigning over the energy deficiency in our continent by tapping the free solar energy resource.

Strauss Energy enhanced Stima roofing tile is based on the established premise that our region, and specifically our country Kenya, requires 15,000MW of power to realize the Vision 2030. So far, Kenya’s current (grid connected) electric capacity is 2,295 MW, which is just slightly above a tenth of the now required power energy. Strauss Energy joins in the government’s vision to be part of the larger activity to increasing the generation of power to help achieve the Vision. The innovation responds to both a growing economy and a growing low-middle class requiring housing and extra income. Further, the innovation expands its shareholder base of power generation even to the common citizenry, giving it a distributed approach as opposed to the centralized model which always requires heavy capital.


Interventions by Strauss Energy:

Strauss Energy provides electricity to homeowners and organizations at more than 25% cheaper than the national grid. The power is generated from the innovative BIPV Stima solar roofing tiles that the company produces and sells at 25% lower than what the market is offering traditionally. Strauss uses Compressed Air Technology to store the energy for usage during intermittence and at night as opposed to traditional batteries. Strauss has signed a deal of more than 667 houses this year and on track to deliver 11,500 more houses by 2017.

The Technology used by Strauss Energy is to build and promote the use of Photovoltaics roofing materials to contribute towards the generation of energy to light up more homes. This will reduce the gap between the accessibility and affordability of power.

Strauss Energy Solution Benefits

Our motivation is to ensure every household produces more than twice its usage. Consequently, our vision is to have the extra power generated deployed to other industrial and commercial uses so as to avoid power rationing and to lower tariffs by increasing supply.


There are premium roofing tiles that will cost the same price as what one would have used on normal roofing.


There is reduction of the bills by 25%

Power Outages

Home owners are assured of no power outages. The technology used by Strauss ensures that energy is stored and used during intermittence and at night as opposed to traditional batteries


Power generation

The excess power generated is evacuated and sold back to the grid vide both Net metering and Fit and Share where there’s a cut for the developer/ management company on a monthly basis.


An extension of the revenues from power sales to the home owners will allow power to the people who cannot afford to pay the premium rates by waiving their service charge.

Further, we provide latest and cutting edge Compressed Air hydraulic Energy Storage (CAES), which has no power supply limitations like traditional batteries and further assures no more power outages for the next 30 years or more, consistent with the energy demands of this day and age. The by product is clean water that can be used both in the house and/or other needs. This is in tandem with Bamboo’s support for going green.

My MBA in Tangaza University College, has helped me come up from an Engineering background to understand more of the business modeling as well as deepen my social understanding towards the global initiative by going through the SDGs. This is immeasurable knowledge and skill.