Graduates innovating to solve communities’ problems

The impact IST is also seen through the innovative work many graduates are doing to transform lives.

The institute through its programmes have witnessed a considerable number of graduates who have excelled in their fields. Monica Kinyua, Assistant Director ‚Äď Children for Peace Initiative Kenya (CPI Kenya) is an alumnae of the institute and a co-founder at CPI Kenya. She is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development and focuses of building friendship between conflicting inter-pastoral communities in Northern Kenya.

CPI Kenya is a peace building organization working with children to build friendship for peace between conflicting pastoralist communities. (

Consolata and Peter Kunyada are the founders of The Mango Tree Kenya (founded 2006), a program working to change the lives of orphans in western Kenya, Tanzania and the UK (UK registered charity no: 1095767) ‚Äď The Mango Tree Orphan Support programme. She highlights as she contributes to the latest newsletter, that everything they write have come in to reality because of the spirit instilled by the blessing of having become students at IST. The program works to empower orphans through communities, with more than 4,000+ Kenyan children registered with the programme.

The Mango Tree support orphans, vulnerable children and their communities in Africa,    working in Homabay County, among communities living along the shores of Lake Victoria in Rachuonyo North Sub County and Rachuonyo South and East sub counties.       

The undergraduate program has also witnessed outstanding progress with many success stories emerging from the alumni, most of who have expressed their stories through the institute’s newsletter.

The Hello Kenyan Platform for peace is a peace building and conflict transformation initiative led by Dr. Mark Leleruk, enhancing community cohesion and integration through dialogue. Dr. Mark Leleruk is a graduate of the postgraduate program and a police officer mainstreaming the peace agenda. The program’s intervention range from early warning and early response mechanism, peace advocacy to policy formulation and implementation. The institute is proud of its peace ambassadors. 

Strauss Energy provides electricity to homeowners and organizations at more than 25% cheaper than the national grid. Tony Nyagah is the mind behind the idea, a graduate of the MBA in social entrepreneurship. The power is generated from the innovative BIPV Stima solar roofing tiles that the company produces. Another success stories illustrating the impact of the institute is the one of Gorilla Conservation Camp in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (a social enterprise of conservation through Public Health established in 2008 by Dr. Gladys Kalema). According to the IST newsletter Volume 1, issue No. 3, she highlighted that the eco-friendly lodge with stunning panoramic view of the forest is a base for tourists and students wishing to travel and study with a cause, where they can track critically endangered mountain gorillas while gaining knowledge and skills in one Health and sustainable development.