Category: Undergraduate Programs



Diploma In Data Science and Cloud Applications Development

The Diploma in CDS programme seeks to develop the practical skills that are beneficial in the ICT industry. The aim of the programme is anchored on expressive style that suggests that learning is an active and constructive process. The learner is involved in the building up of the knowledge through personal exercise, experience and engagement with others. The programme will therefore adopt a project-based learning where the learner applies the knowledge acquired to solve industry related problems.


Diploma in Sustainable Waste Management

This program is designed to train the skills demand for people working or who have shown interest in curbing waste management. By transforming waste management into a recognized field, the ideology envisions a future with a competent and specialized workforce capable of implementing effective waste management practices, ensuring safe public health and environmental sustainability.


Diploma in Social Ministry

This is a program designed for pastoral and development agents involved in church and community work. The diploma equips the religious with skills to innovate and promote the social apostolate in the church, and helps them, to build strong collaboration needed for effective Christian ministry in the modern World. It bridges the gap between theory and practice of modern- day church and community management.


Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship

The diploma in Social Entrepreneurship aims to train people who will influence socio-economic and environmental realities through successful social enterprises. It helps entrepreneurs actualize new ideas, and upgrade/convert existing or stagnant business into effective social enterprises. They explore and realize their potential as entrepreneurs, by linking profit to social value for a better world.


Diploma in Sciences of Human Development

A program that trains practitioners to contribute to social transformation through participation in important projects for human development. It provides skills to bring change at grassroots level, integrating social, economic, cultural and spiritual dimensions, facilitating development and civic education. It trains the learner to engage in community development initiatives and influence community organizers and actions at grassroots level.


Diploma in Civic and Development Education

The benefits of good governance can only be realized through active citizen participation. This Diploma is designed for agents of social transformation, community development, and civic education in Kenya. It imparts students with the skills to design and implement innovative solutions to their community’s problems. They can then mobilize and organize grassroots communities to actively participate in the devolved governance and local development.