Academic programme

Over the years IST has developed innovative programme that aim at equipping students with skills to transform communities.

The postgraduates programs of Masters of Art in Social Transformation, MBA in Social entrepreneurship and the Doctorate in Social transformation have seen a number of outstanding graduates from various fields emerge with outstanding concepts to steer the social transformation agenda.

The following are some of the success stories from the graduates of the institute ranging from waste management, peace advocacy to sustainable energy.   

There are many success stories, especially from the MBA program distributed across areas such as Agro business, Business services, ICT & mobile services/water and sanitation and Education and training. They include;

  1. James Mworia – MPAYA Fin Tech (ICT & mobile technology/water and sanitation cluster)
  2. Jacqueline Malomba – Parlisa Enterprises (Business service cluster)
  3. Francescah Munyi – Kofar Kenya Limited (Agribusiness cluster)
  4. Emmah Ngigi – Linic enterprises Limited (Business service cluster)
  5. Sally Kimotho – Meru herbs (Agribusiness cluster)
  6. Jacob Rugano – AfricarTrack International (ICT & mobile cluster).