PhD in Social Transformation

Transforming our future leaders

A dynamic world needs a vibrant heart and a proactive stance! It enables you to develop your innate abilities to influence desired global change from your own standpoint. 

A program designed with 6 areas of specialization- Sustainable Development, Pastoral Ministry, Sustainable Peace and Security, Organizational Management, Governance and Social Entrepreneurship.  

Ethical values from your own religious perspective

This programme will focus primarily on the organizational level of action, regardless of your religion or ethics, but connections to the individual and policy levels will also be explored. An opportunity to apply course concepts in the context of a particular organization of the student’s choice (with instructor approval) will deepen and personalize the student’s understanding of the interconnections between the three levels of action, and challenge assumptions about leadership and social change and their implications for practice.

Flexible Asynchronous learning

The programe is held online and asynchronously which means participants can complete their course work when it is convenient for them. All coursework will need to be completed by the course end date. There is a combination of individual and group assignments, that vary from week to week in an interactive format.

Become Social Change leaders in the world

Aimed in continuation of previous Social Transformation programmes, you are destined to master Traditional approaches to leadership defined by single heroic individuals who influence followers that are contrasted with new perspectives—consistent with the demands of today’s complex problems—particularly when one aspires to inclusive, transparent and democratic solutions.

The Tangaza University College PHD in Social Transformation, is a course offered to help the learner to develop a strategic plan of action to transform society from ones own perspective or position.

Our programme will enable you not only to understand the world of today where changes are immense both worldwide and at a continental level but also to develop a methodology of intervention so that you can be able to influence changes to a vast majority.

Br. Jonas Dzinekou

Director, Institute for Social Transformation