Partnering to produce meaning and value.

PAST (Professional Association of Social Transformation)

The group was launched in 2019. PAST seeks to reestablish relationships among alumni and spearheading its agenda of training social agents. It has taken part in trainings like the University mtaani, research trainings and awarding of scholarships to needy students.

SESOK (Social Enterprise Society of Kenya)

It is an umbrella organization that was a product of the 1st ever Annual Conference of Social entrepreneurship. It was formed to spearhead the role of social enterprises and undertake advocacy to constitute a policy framework and has been working closely with the institute through its MBA programme.


This is a partner organization to IST which offers support to social enterprises across Africa. It has participated in the 3 AACOSE conferences organized by IST and its partners, and has inspired the establishment of several student-led social enterprises.


This is a product through the partnership between IST and Catholic University of Milan. It was founded and launched to constitute social entrepreneurs who foresee the need to increase business competency. The programme has students across Africa that constitutes religious and lay students.


They are a talent development company with the mission to create 1000+ attractive jobs in ICT and Social Transformation works over the next years through upskilling extraordinary talents into specialists in their field thus delivering industry leading quality with unparalleled social impact.

CISP (Comitato Internazionale Per Lo Sviluppo Dei Popoli)

It was founded in 1982 and introduced to Kenya in 1991. It carries out projects on training, governance, child protection, protection of refugees, education, environment, health and nutrition in about 30 African countries, Latin American, middle eastern, Asian and Eastern Europe.


Talitha Kum Mission is to end human trafficking through collaborative initiatives focused around prevention, protection, social reintegration and rehabilitation of survivors, partnership and advocacy, promoting actions that affect the systemic causes.