MBA in Global Business and Sustainability

Innovating to grow and scale social enterprises

Your business experience, your lesson! The MBA in global business and sustainability is designed to help you integrate your practical daily business activities into learning. Learning becomes a lifelong experience that continuously nurtures your business growth and enable you to become an impact entrepreneur. 

Practical day to day business activities inegrated into learning

The programme is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to practise what they are learning in their business and to draw lessons out of their own experiences.

Learn through e-Learning & Bootcamps

The best learning happens while reflecting upon your own business. That is why this programme keeps the entrepreneur at the business and delivers learning online with bootcamps every six weeks.

Coursework, Research and Thesis

All coursework is complete in 12 months followed by 6 months of research and thesis. Thereafter, learning is lifelong and you will be part of a strong well connected alumni.

The MBA Programme is designed for active and aspiring entrepreneurs and social innovators.

The course units and activities are carefully selected so as to ensure that entrepreneurs develop skills in innovation, management, strategy, sales, marketing and other critical aspects of business in the 21st century.

Rispah Kariuki

CEO, Rutuba Bio-Agric