MA in Social Transformation

Molding agents of Social transformation

An authentic leader is a knowledgeable mind, a great influencer with a mastery over his field. A first of its kind in East Africa, this program is designed with 5 areas of specialization- Sustainable Development, Pastoral Ministry, Sustainable Peace and Security, Organizational Management and Governance. A program that enables authentic leaders to play their role effectively and realize needed transformation in society.

Responding to the challenges in Africa and beyond

The programme encourages students to share the skills and knowledge they learn from others in grassroots movements. Empowered, skilled people are essential for building and maintaining a strong and effective movement for justice.

Hands-on approach. Impact-driven results

With day in the programme, learners work to sustain and inspire our clients, communities, and world. We strive to identify, lead, and catalyze the next significant innovations in sustainability and make sustainability the standard.

Contributing to Kenya's Vision 2030 goals

Kenya aims to build a just and cohesive society with social equity in a clean and secure environment. It, therefore, presents comprehensive social interventions aimed at improving the quality of life of all Kenyans and Kenyan residents.

This MA programme prepares students for various roles in society such as: Organizational Management, Security & Sustainable Peace, Sustainable Development and Governance.

Students also develop an appreciation for the interaction and complementary nature between science and religion.

Mustafa Genc

Student, Institute for Social Transformation