BA in Sustainable Human Development

Developing community-driven leaders

Sustainable development is a communal responsibility and it begins with an individual effort towards social transformation. The BA in sustainable human development enables you as an individual become an agent of social transformation. An individual able to contribute to the growth and development of the economy in respect of the common good. An advocate of integrity, justice, transparency and equity! 

Become agents of Social transformation

This course is meant for individuals that are hungry to empower communities while promoting integrity, justice, transparency and equity. The course also emphasizes the important area of economic development and well-being.

Learn through e-Learning & practical application

The best learning happens when one is able to practically apply their skills, thats where through e-learning, you can engage with your fellow students and lecturers through your phone, computer or tablet at your own location and comfort.

Enterprise and community development

There is no limit to whichever society you reach out to, social transformation will be the greatest influence it will require. Join today and become an exceptional agent of transformation.
The BA programme will enable you not only to understand the world of today where changes are immense both worldwide and at a continental level but also to develop a methodology of intervention so that you can be able to influence changes to a vast majority.
Str. Lilian Njuguna

Student, Institute for Social Transformation