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Impacting lives to change the world. 

Celebrating 25 years of Social Transformation

For over 25 years, the IST has committed to the training of agents for social transformation. The institute, in synergy with the efforts of partners, has offered training programmes which have led to the training of more than 2,500 students. A considerable numbers of the graduates from the institute’s programmes are engaged in social transformation as government officials, projects managers, founders, politicians, clergy, pastoral agents, security forces, business managers and sustainability officers.

Graduates innovating to solve communities’ problems.

The impact IST programmes is seen through the innovative work many graduates are doing to transform lives. The institute through its programmes have witnessed a considerable number of graduates who have excelled in their fields. The undergraduate program has also witnessed outstanding progress with many success stories emerging from the alumni, most of who have expressed their stories through the institute’s newsletter

The Hello Kenyan Platform for Peace

Kenya has over 70% topographical coverage of arid and semi-arid land characterized by poor infrastructure, drought related calamities, proliferation of illicit arms and cross border incursions by armed militia. Nomadic lifestyle has also contributed to insecurity due...

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Powering Africa, Lighting Up the World

Strauss Energy, is an award winning Kenyan firm that has received internationally acclaimed award by using innovative but pragmatic way to bridge the ailing energy gap and reigning over the energy deficiency in our continent by tapping the free solar energy resource....

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Community approach of education of orphans

Consolata and Peter Kunyada are the founders of The Mango Tree Kenya. Founded in 2006, the program works to change the lives of orphans in western Kenya, Tanzania and the UK with 4,000+ Kenyan children registered with the programme. Consolata highlights, in her...

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Innovative Peace Building

Monica Kinyua, Assistant Director – Children for Peace Initiative Kenya (CPI Kenya) is an alumnae of the institute and a co-founder at CPI Kenya. She is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development and focuses on building friendship between...

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Another success stories illustrating the impact of the institute is the one of Gorilla Conservation Camp in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (a social enterprise of conservation through Public Health established in 2008 by Dr. Gladys Kalema). In the IST newsletter...

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Lighting up homes

Strauss Energy provides electricity to homeowners and organizations at more than 25% cheaper cost than the national grid. The power is generated from the innovative BIPV Stima solar roofing tiles that the company produces and sells at 25% lower cost than what the...

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Institute for Social Transformation

The Institute for Social Transformation was founded in 1994 by Franscesco Pierli, a Comboni Missionary, with a vision of training people from the society and church circles in order to bring about social transformation. 

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