Cloud and Data Engineering

Achieve better outcomes faster and control costs more flexibly with end-user analytics

The Diploma in Cloud and Data Science seeks to equip young professionals with technical skills and practical experience required to kickstart their careers in the areas of cloud engineering, software development and data science in a global job marketplace.

With an emphasis on project driven learning, the programme combines current and relevant technical instruction with mentorship from seasoned industry professionals to provide its participants with a solid foundation for their IT careers.

To develop and deliver a relevant and market-oriented technology-training programme Tangaza University College has partnered with the German Institute of Business and Technology (GIBT), a global training services provider with a deep knowledge of global technology services market. Through this partnership, Tangaza University students who meet the required performance criteria will be eligible for job placement opportunities within the GIBT network.

Institute for Social Transformation

The Institute of Social Transformation was founded in 1994 by Franscesco Pierli, a Comboni Missionary, with a vision of training people from the society and church circles in order to bring about social transformation. 

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